May 23, 2019

Consular’s #Questions Ukraine #Embassy #Study in #Ukraine

What do you want to #study?
What is the name of your #university?
Which cities you intend to visit in #Ukraine?
Where your #university is located in Ukraine?
What is the address of your university?
Who has invited you to study in Ukraine? Or Who is your admission consultant?
How long you plant to stay in #Ukraine or What is the duration of your course in Ukraine?
Are you going to work in Ukraine while studying? or, Are you going to Ukraine for studies or for work?
Who is going to finance your studies in Ukraine?
Why do you chose this #university specifically?
Are you going to stay in #Ukraine after the completion of your studies?
Are you going to Ukraine with your complete tuition fee, accommodation fee and personal keep up money?
Are you taking all your original documents to University with you?
Are you going to continue your studies in Ukraine onwards?

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