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Land of colors, fragrance, aroma, perfumes, fashion, style, champagne, food, taste, and many more, what do you think? Which country’s name come to your mind? Yes, you are right, we are talking about beautiful country France.J&A Business World(J&A Group) One of the Top rated Migration(Canada, Australia, USA and UK) consultants in Kerala and Kuwait The ancient country France is one of the largest countries of Europe. France is situated in central Europe. Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, and Spain are its neighboring countries. United Kingdom is its marine neighbor. English Channel divides both countries. There are many large international airports in France, which controls hundreds of flights daily. France is also connected with rail and ferry service with all Europe.

Discussing about France and forget Paris, impossible. Paris is a dreamland for painters, artists, writers, movie makers, art lovers, and students. This beautiful city is also known as the center of love and romance. Romance is flowing in the air of this fragrant city. Paris is the house of fashion and trends. All the modern trends and fashion starts from this innovative city. It is also center of brands and designs. The designers of this trendy city are world famous. Most of the clothing of Hollywood male and female actress is designed by Paris’s designers. Paris is also city of artists. This city has very rich history. The ancient buildings of Paris are the center of attention of entire world. Paris is the center of cultural activities of France. There are lots of more attractions for tourists in Paris but Eiffel Tower is above all. Eiffel Tower is 300 meter high, it is made of iron.

There are lots of attractions for tourists in France including Paris. The country is full of natural sceneries. There are lot of green fields, sunny beaches, and play grounds in France. The museums of France have lot of historic and antique pieces in them.  The weather of France is very pleasant in summer. French is its official language but English is widely spoken in the country. The population of France is more than 60 million. The major portion of its population is Christian (Roman Catholic). Euro is used as currency in France. It was used to an agricultural country but after World War II it became industrial estate. There are lots of industries in France now.

Tourism is big industry of France. It is earning million of Euros every year for France. Cities of France host millions of tourists every year. Government of France provides lot of facilities to tourists. In France you always feel like home. The French people are very good by nature. They welcome foreigners with open arms. They are very soft nature and kind people. French people like to sing and dance. French is fun loving nation. They like to enjoy their time,Studying in France: an unforgettable adventure | Campus France either it is in park, restaurant, bar, theater, cinema hall, club, beach or just a road, you will see people of France enjoying their time.

Cities of France are paradise of women and shopaholic people, especially Paris. There are lot of big shopping Malls and markets. These malls and markets are full of stylish, branded and fashionable goods. You can buy things of your choice. You can find everything in your price range. Branded good are very costly but non branded goods are available in less price but with good quality. You will see lots of sale on branded goods almost all the years. There you can buy very expensive things on very cheap rates.



France may be having lots of attractions for world but education is above all. There are many prestigious higher education institutions in France. You can find best ranking universities and tremendous colleges in France which are providing top quality education to the students of all over the world. France is a good place for those students who wish for top quality education in world’s prestigious universities from professional and expert teachers. The higher education institutions of France welcome the students from every part of world without any restriction of nationality and race. Education is basic right of every human, government of France believes in it. So it is made very easy and simple for the students to take admission in the higher education institutions of France.

Higher education institutions of France offer lots of courses in different study programs. Some universities and colleges give choice to students to attend classes full time or part time according to their convenience. There are limited courses available in selected colleges and universities. Students can check the official website of higher education institutions for the availability of these courses.

The government of France makes it easy to get admission in higher education institutions and visa to enter in France. If the embassy of France refuses your visa application then you have right to appeal against this refusal decision and can win visa with your impressive arguments.

It is very easy to apply in France for admission in university. You can apply online in 20 universities of France for admission with single application. You don’t need to apply separately in different course. All higher education institutions of France have their website for students. International students can go to website of college or university to select their desired course and admission criteria.

There are almost 3500 higher education institutions in France including 77 public universities which are offering number of degrees to students of all over the world. There is also a good reason to get admission in France, you will have a chance to live in fabulous society of France. Living in France is like a dream and by studying in France this dream can be come true.



There of many higher education institutions are offering different study programs. Every university or college has its own admission requirements. PakStudyAbroad.com is giving you information of some general admission requirements:


There is several study programs are offered by higher education institutions of France to students. The academic year in France starts in September and ends in June. Though, some courses may have different study schedule. YouStudent Life in France | Blog Inspiring Life | TBS Education have lots of choice in study programs including geography, arts, history, medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, sociology, communication technology, information technology, film studies, global communication, finance, commerce, creative arts, international finance, psychology, economics, politics, international economics etc.

To get admission in higher education institutions you may require following documents:

  • High school diploma or equivalent (intermediate for Pakistani students)
  • Passed University entrance exam (if required by university)
  • All transcripts issued by previous education institutions.
  • English language proficiency certificate like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) etc.
  • Application Form (correctly filled by candidate)

These are general requirements, PakStudyAbroad.com advise you to go to official website of university to check exact admission requirements and deadline to submit application for admission.



The higher education institutions are best place to complete master’s degree program. There are varieties of study programs are offered to students for master programs. Master’s degree programs are research based. These are called (MRes / MA by Research.) Some master’s programs are available without research, these are called Taught Masters (M.A / M.Sc / MEng.). Students who wish to take admission in master’s degree program in France are required bachelor’s degree with good CGPA, English language proficiency certificate like TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System) etc. and correctly filled application form.


Students who have completed their Taught Master degree are required a good own research in their study field to get admission in doctoral degree program. A good and impressive thesis may be also required by universities with good CGPA in master’s program.

Students who have completed their Research Master degree are eligible to take admission in Doctoral degree program. However, research master’s degree should be completed with good CGPA.



If you are talking about fees of higher education institutions, we must say that these are bit higher for Pakistani students as compare to other European universities. But if we do comparison the fees of universities of France with education quality, then these are affordable. As it is said that knowledge is priceless. Fees of higher education institutions are vary from one university to other university. Every university sets its own fees for different study programs. Normally the public universities charge 6000 Euro to 12000 Euro per year for different study programs from non-EU students for bachelor’s degree. And charge 8000 Euro to 20000 Euro per year from non-EU students for master’s degree program.


Cost of living in big cities of France is more than other European student cities. The accommodation in France is expensive but other basic necessities of life are economical. PakStudyAbroad.com is keep telling you that cost of living is depends on your living style. If you live in university’s residence like hostel or dormitories then it will cost less than private flat or apartment. Some students rent a flat or apartment in sharing, it also can reduce the cost of living. And if you will dine out at restaurant, hotel, canteen or food points then it will be an expensive choice of eating. But if you cook your own food then it will be very economical. Other necessities of life like travelling in the city, books, stationary, entertainment, clothing, laundry, haircuts and personal maintenance are pretty affordable in France. PakStudyAbroad.com is giving you minimum estimated cost of living, and it may be 430 Euro per month. We suggest you to spend less on your living and more on your studies because you are living in France for studies. And if you will spend less money on living then you can use your saving to explore France and other countries of Europe in holidays.


Pakistani / non-EU students are required visa to enter in France. Students are advised to apply for visa with French embassy immediate after confirmation for admission in higher education institution in France. Students may be asked for different documents according to their admission by French embassy. PakStudyAbroad.com is providing you some general visa requirements. Following are the general visa requirements by French embassy in Pakistan:

  • Admission confirmation letter from higher education institution.
  • Application Form (correctly and completely filled by candidate).
  • Recent photographs.
  • Bank Statement (with sufficient fund to cover your tuition fees and cost of living).
  • Character Certificate.
  • Health Insurance.

These are general requirements for visa. To know the exact information for visa you should go to official website of French embassy. Normally it takes two months to process visa application. Students should apply visa immediate after receiving admission confirmation letter from university to avoid delay by taking French embassy Islamabad appointment.


International students are allowed to work as part time during studies. According to French law if a student is living in France for studies with valid residence permit, he/she can do work as part time without extra work permit. Students are allowed to work for 20 hours per week during their studies and maximum 964 hour per year. Finding a part time job as foreign student is not easy without knowing French language. However if you have good command in English language then you can get job easily at tourists spots like restaurants, museums, hotels, cafes, monuments, parks etc. But if you know French language then it would be rather easy to find a job in France. Because normally part time jobs are available at the spots where public dealing is compulsory like, restaurants, clubs, bars, hotels, shopping malls, markets, gas stations, call centers, parks, receptionists etc. So knowledge of French language would be more beneficial to work at these places. Part time job can cover some part of your living expenses. You can’t depend on your part time job to cover your entire living expenses. The minimum wage rate in France is 9.67 Euro per hour, which is very good amount as compare to other European countries. But PakStudyAbroad.com will suggest you to focus on your studies instead of searching and doing job. Never let your work to disturb your studies because you are living in France for studies and you need good grades for your better future.


Foreign students are also suitable for student jobs in their higher education institutions. If a student has residence permit in France then he can apply for student job in his university or colleges. Normally students are given the following responsibilities.

  • Work as assist students.
  • Help and support to disabled students.
  • Tutoring.
  • IT support and assistance.
  • Help to use new technologies.
  • Coordinating and staffing cultural, athletic and social events.
  • Work in the career center.
  • Support to their institution’s promotional effort.

There is a contract signed by students for these students’ jobs. Normally this contract is signed for 12 months from September 01 to August 31. Students may work for 670 hours from September 01 to June 30 and 300 hours from July 01 to August 31. Students can do both studies and work in university. Work in university do not disturb their studies and they can earn good amount for their living and future expenses.


Finding a chance to live in France can be only reason to study in France. But we have more, beautiful cities, historical buildings, ancient traditions, colorful culture, and center of perfumes, fashion, trends, art, and Eiffel tower and above all world’s top universities. Study in France in English is possible by providing English language proficiency certificate. Though the fees of higher education institutions are comparatively high but quality of education covers it. Living in France can give you lots of entertainment and fun. Study in France for international students can be good experience because French are very open hearten and kind people. PakStudyAbroad.com will suggest you to go France for higher study.

We rate study in France 4 out of 5.

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