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Certify your English proficiency today

  • Take the test online anytime, anywhere
  • Finish in 1 hour and get results in 2 days
  • Accepted by over 3000 institutions

On demand, anywhere in the world


Take the test online anywhere, anytime—no traveling to a test center or appointment needed


Get your results within 48 hours of completing the test, and share it with anyone, immediately


Receive your score and interview for only $49*, while most other certification tests cost over $200
*plus applicable taxes

Send results to every school on your list—at no extra cost

Thousands of universities around the world accept the Duolingo English Test. You can send your score reports to as many of them as you want, for free.

Accurate results in minutes

Quick setup (5 minutes)

An introduction that walks you through the test rules and requirements

Adaptive test (45 minutes)

A graded section that evaluates your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills

Video interview (10 minutes)

A section that records your answers to open-ended questions

Test requirements

You must have

  • Your passport, driver’s license or government ID
  • A quiet, well-lit room
  • 60 minutes of free time
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A computer

Your computer must have

  • A front-facing camera
  • A microphone
  • Speakers

Prepare to do your best!

Unlimited practice tests

Practice as much as you want for free and familiarize yourself with the test experience

Official test readiness guide

Review the test structure, see sample questions, and understand test scores
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