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Study In Portugal

Portugal is a southern European country on the Iberian Peninsula, bordering Spain. Its location on the Atlantic Ocean has influenced many aspects of its culture: salt cod and grilled sardines are national dishes, the Algarve’s beaches are a major destination and much of the nation’s architecture dates to the 1500s–1800s, when Portugal had a powerful maritime empire. Portugal also have world top rank university and colleges.
Capital and largest cityLisbon; 38°46′N 9°9′W / 38.767°N 9.150°W
Official languages: Portuguese, Miranda do Douro


  • Portuguese universities have existed since 1290, the oldest being the University of Coimbra
  • Five of Portugal’s universities are ranked within the top 700 in the 2014–15 QS World University Rankings
  • Highly Competitive fee structure
  • One of the cheapest in terms of living cost in whole of western Europe
  • Offers a genuine European Experience
  • The Way to Learn Portuguese
  • Experience Hospitality of Highest class
  • Great Climate and Breathtaking Landscapes
  • A combination of Old and New World Charm


Portuguese higher education system is split into polytechnics and universities, both public and private. Universities in are generally focused on theory and research, and offer courses in areas such as medicine, law and economics. Polytechnics are more focused on practical and vocational courses in areas such as engineering, teaching and nursing. Some of these are offered by both universities. Currently there are 14 public universities in Portugal. In addition to that there are 15 public polytechnic institutes and a large number of private institutes of higher education.


  • Bachelors
  • Masters
  • Doctoral degrees
  • Vocational Certifications

What documents will be required?

  • Intermediate Education Document
  • Without IELTS
  • One passport size photograph
  • One application form duly completed and signed at the Consulate
  • Passport valid three months over planned stay in Portugal
  • A letter of acceptance from school or University in Portugal indicating place, duration of the course and dates of attendance;
  • A letter addressed to this Portuguese  Consulate, stating that you own private means of support. If you are a recipient of financial aid, please submit a statement
  • A letter from your bank indicating your account number, financial status, and balance. The letter must be signed by a bank official

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