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Are you planning to Study Abroad and looking for an excellent Consultant service in Lahore Pakistan? You are at the right platform. DMI is a best leading international standard and recognized Study Abroad -Overseas Education- visa  guidance Consultants in Lahore Pakistan. We facilitate student’s recruitment from Pakistan to top educational institutions across the globe. We are also arranging Scholarships for brilliant students in Top Rank Universities. DMI ConsultantsStudy Abroad, Leading Education Consultants in Lahore Pakistan, Visa guidance, Student consultancy, Scholarship Consultancy. We are here to turn your dreams of study abroad into reality and secure your future by getting an international degree.

We have a whole team of expert counselors to guide you throughout in choosing the right university in the most suitable country. We place our students in top grade institutions in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany ,Italy , Hungary , Spain and many other recognized education destinations. We are professionals in guiding you for overseas and foreign Education. We are committed to delivering quality and genuine consultants services to students who are looking for the opportunity to Study, Work and Live abroad.

Why choose DM International Study Visa & Immigration?

With the advance in technology, everybody wants ts to walk with or ahead of time. But it is not that much easy task. Students work hard to get a reputed degree to earn a handsome living. Here comes the need for a counselor to help them choose the best study plan in modern and internationally recognized Universities. Most of the Pakistani students wish to Study Overseas as international degrees holds more value than local ones. Most of the subjects of International value are not offered in our local universities like advanced level medical and technical studies. There is also a problem of fixed seats, limited laboratory and research facilities in our local universities. So students opt to study abroad to find all these facilitates of quality education and sufficient experimental opportunities. But they have any questions while making this decision like How and why to choose a specific country? Which institution suits your study goals the best?

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