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Study In Finland

Study in Finland for Pakistani Bangladeshi Indian and other nationality Students

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Finland is a beautiful country of Scandinavian. It is situated in northern Europe. Beautiful country Finland is neighbor of Norway, Sweden and Russia. Member of European Union  and also the member of Nordic countries. Finnish people are different from other Scandinavian nations, they called them “sisu” means determined.

Finland also believes in quality education. It has world’s top educated society. You can find quality education system in Finland. Study in Finland for Pakistani students can be a great opportunity because in Finland universities not only teach you the subjects you choose but they also do character building and make you fighter not quitter. Finland has world’s one of the best higher education system which gives you not only knowledge but make you a better and productive person for society.

Study in Finland can be a great experience for Pakistani students because study there is full of fun. Finns always try to do something new, so in Finland there is always opportunity to make new friends, build new connections and some new experience. There is no language barrier for international students because English language is well known in Finland, actually English language is called third unofficial language of Finland.

In Finland, you are motivated to do some innovative work, they always encourage you to do something new, and they appreciate thinkers who do something new on his own mind. In Rome, very famous saying “when in Rome, do as the Roman do” but in Finland its opposite they say “don’t do what everyone does” but improve yourself and show your potential during study in Finland.


By choosing Finland for study gives you opportunity to live in Finland for few years which gives you enjoy the following benefits:

  • According to Fragile States Index 2016, Finland is most peaceful and sustainable place in world.
  • According to World Economic Forum 2015, Finland’s higher education and training is best in the world.
  • According to World Economic Forum 2015, Finland is most innovative country in the world where you can improve your skills and polish your personality.
  • According to World Health Organization2016, Finland has world’s third cleanest air to breathe in.
  • According to Environmental Performance Index 2016, Ecosystem of Finland is world healthiest Ecosystem.


Apart from above facts, Finland’s national education policy is helping for students, basic education grooms the student’s personality, high standards of education prepare the students to lead the world. Research based study system helps the students to aware about his inner qualities and polishes them. World top class teaching system helps the students to research in their fields and make them expert in that specific field.

Educational institutions have two categorize in Finland:

  • Universities
  • Universities of Applied Sciences. (UAS)

Universities teach the students in normal academic style as other universities of world do. But study in Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) is totally research and development based. Faculty at UAS is consist of highly qualified and professional, they guide the student in his own way of understanding. Quality is the other name of Finland’s education system. The government has made an independent audit system for quality assurance for higher education institutes named The Finnish Education Evaluation Center (FINEEC). The team of FINEEC checks the education style and its effectiveness by meeting and evaluating the students and gives some suggestions for improvement to the university. FINEEC awards the audit certificate to successful university after completion the audit.

Tuition fees in Finland for Pakistani Bangladeshi Indian and other nationality Students

Until now study was free in Finland. But Finland is introducing tuition fee for NON-EU (Pakistan is a NON-EU country) in order to maintain the quality of education. However, fees are justified as they offer the best education environment for foreign students. Normally universities and higher education institutes charge 4000 Euros to 20000 Euros.

However, universities and universities of applied sciences make their own fee structure, so the tuition fee of different universities can be different. Students from Pakistan can check the fee structure in Finnish university from the university’s official website.

There are number of scholarships offer by Finnish Government and Finnish Universities for Pakistani Bangladeshi Indian and other nationality Students

Study opportunities for Pakistani Bangladeshi Indian and other nationality Students

As mentioned above the education institutes of Finland have two categories: universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS). Both universities and UAS offer graduate, Master’s programs. However, Doctoral level (PhD) programs are only offered by Universities.  University of Applied Sciences DO NOT offer PhD programs. Both types of universities give huge number of courses and programs which are offered in English language. Approximately 567 degree and non-degree study programs are available for students from Pakistan who wish to apply in Finland.


Universities of applied sciences (UAS) offer more than 100 courses and degree program which are being taught in English language in various subjects. On the other hand, universities offer very few courses and degree programs in English language. Universities offer programs in English language in Master’s level.

Study at universities of applied sciences in Bachelor degree for Pakistani Bangladeshi Indian and other nationality Students

Study at universities of applied sciences makes students qualified professionals by using and polishing their own skills. This practical and thesis based bachelor degree consists of 210 to 270 ECTS European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits with the duration of 42 months to 54 months in various degrees. Normally an ECTS credit consist of 25 to 30 hours of work/studies. There are minimum 60 ETCS are required to complete in a year from students by UAS. Practical job experience is compulsory for UAS bachelor’s degree students, which polish the skills of student in different ways, and also give him opportunity to check his academic knowledge in practical and professional approach. This practical training gives students good relationship with employers in Finland and abroad which help them in future job seeking efforts. UAS also focus on the improvement of student’s communication skills which help them in their professional life.


Universities offer thesis based bachelor degree; normally it contains basic and intermediate studies and language studies. This bachelor degree consists of 180 European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) credits with the duration of 36 months. Most of the courses and programs are available in Finnish and Swedish languages but some of the courses are available in English language.

Deadline for apply study in Finland 

Normally universities and universities of applied sciences starts to take application from January 10 to January 25 for autumn session, some of universities take application in September.

University of the Arts starts to take application from March 15 to April 05.

Students should check the deadline for their admission applications deadline from desired university’s official website.


In Finland, there is huge option of master’s degree programs in English. Students can select and apply in their desired program easily.

University master degree 

Universities offer 2-year master degree program in academic style. Normally a university’s master’s program consists of major subjects, minor subjects, general studies, language and communication studies and thesis. Bachelor’s degree holders in same or relevant subject are eligible with internationally recognized English language certificate.

Universities of applied sciences master degree for Pakistani Bangladeshi Indian and other nationality Students

Universities of applied sciences offer professionally oriented master’s degree program which consist of 12 to 18 months. It requires 60 to 90 ECTS credits. Normally an ECTS credit consists of 25 to 30 hours of work/studies. There are minimum 60 ETCS are required to complete by student during his course. Bachelor’s degree holders in same or relevant subject with minimum three years of work experience in relevant field are eligible to apply with internationally recognized English language certificate.


Few universities require entry tests for some specific master’s programs. Before applying students should check the admission criteria from university’s website and if entry test is required by university for that course then should act upon the advice of admission service of university about exam.

Doctoral degree for Pakistani Bangladeshi Indian and other nationality Students

Education for doctoral degrees is only offer by universities, universities of applied sciences DO NOT offer doctoral study programs. University doctoral program consist of 48 months with 240 ECTS credits. Complete research and solid thesis is compulsory for PHD.

Universities of Finland offer Doctoral level programs in two categories, like ready-made PHD programs or tailor made PHD programs, students should consult Finland’s study programs database. Pakistani students who are interested in PhD in Finland should consult directly with the university’s department to check the availability of your desired PhD position.

After completion of master’s degree students can apply for doctoral studies. In Finland universities do not charge any tuition fee for doctoral studies. International students should have money to cover their living expenses in Finland. Scholarships are also granted by government or university to PhD students to cover their living expenses, students should check it from university’s official website.

English language requirement Study in Finland 

Universities of Finland normally required internationally recognized English language proficiency certificates like IELTS and TOEFL.  The score in IELTS and TOEFL can be varied from on university to another. You can check English Language requirement on official website of Study in Finland.

Those students who have completed their bachelor’s degree from some English-speaking countries like England, United States, Canada, Australia etc. are exempted to provide English language proficiency certificate. In some cases, universities of applied sciences do not ask for English language proficiency certificate but they test your language skills by their admission tests.

There are few exemption from IELTS AND TOEFL, such as if your previous degree’s language of instruction was English you may be exempted.

pakstudyabroad study in finland

How much doses it cost to study in Finland?

Off-course it is an important question, apart from paying tuition fees of universities, students need 700 to 900 Euros per month for living expenses. So how to finance yourself during your stay in Finland to meet everyday living expenses which consist of accommodation, food, insurance and travel etc. is a question which student should sure before coming to Finland. Pakistani and other students from low income countries reduce the cost of living in Finland by sharing their accommodation and food etc.


Yes, Pakistani Bangladeshi Indian and other nationality Students are allowed to work part time jobs to cover their expenses. Finding part time job in Finland is not easy and if you succeed to find it then minimum wage rate are 7 to 10 Euro. DMI Consultant recommend Pakistani students not to go Finland if they are totally depending on part time student job for paying their tuition fee and living expenses. You simply cannot cover both by only doing part time job.

However, part time job can cover your living costs and good for student to gain practical knowledge about his future work and tough life. Lot of students do part time job in evening, weekends or holidays, especially from June to august summer jobs are available for students. Foreign students have to face difficulty to finding job due to language barrier, if you can speak and understand Finnish or Swedish then it can be easier to find part time job. During semesters, non-EU students are allowed to work for 25 hours in a week. Between semester’s break, Summer holidays and Christmas holidays you may work full time.

Permanent Residence study in Finland 

Finland Scholarships for International students 2022-2023 Fully Funded - Job Portal News

If you are a non-EU student and have completed your degree from Finland University on student residence permit then you are allowed to apply for extension in your residence permit for one year to search a job in Finland. After finding job and new residence permit is granted on the basis of job. Keep in mind that you should apply for extension before the expiry of your student residence permit. There is a chance to get permanent residence permit if you find good job in your specific field.


Study in Finland Free - CollegeLearners.comFinland is an open society and welcome internationalization. You don’t have to worry about being foreigner during your stay there. This beautiful country has very much to offer from education, visiting the north of the world and social experience. We recommend Finland for you study abroad if you can afford the tuition fee. Living expenses can be covered by doing part time job in Finland. As a part of Schengen country, you will be granted Schengen visa which allows you to visit other Schengen/European country. After completion of your degree if you find job you may get permanent residence which leads to Finland Nationality. (Finnish passport is among those valued passports which have the highest number of visa free entry in the world).

We rate 4 Hearts out of 5 for this cleanest country.

Please feel free to let us know your thoughts on study in Finland. We will be very happy to give answers of your further questions. Share with your family and friends.

Steps to get a Finnish residence permit

In the first instance your residence permit may be issued for one or two years but may need renewing depending on the duration of your university program.

  1. Fill in your application: gather your necessary documents for your application and apply online or by paper. Submit the documents asked for.
  2. Book an appointment: visit a Finnish embassy or consulate. This is to prove your identity for your application.
  3. Pay for your application: you can pay online, or when you go to the service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.
  4. Attend the appointment: identify yourself and present the original documents of the ones you uploaded.
  5. Wait for a decision: It takes around 1 – 3 months to process and an application. The Finnish authorities will contact you and let you know if you have been approved.
  6. Receive a residence permit: You may need to collect this when you arrive in Finland.
Finland student visa processing time

Processing times for Finnish visas depend on whether you apply online or in person.

Although you’ll still need to visit your local embassy to verify your identity and provide supporting documents, you can complete an initial application form through the Finnish Immigration Service website.

Online applications usually take between 2-3 months to process, while paper applications generally take 3 months.

The Finnish Immigration Service prioritizes student visa applications, so hopefully, you shouldn’t have to wait too long to hear back.

Visas for a student’s dependents

Your spouse and children can apply for their own residence permit to be able to join you in Finland while you study. Finnish immigration will try to process your applications together. You must be able to show that you not only have funds to support yourself while in Finland but also any dependents that are joining you.

Finland study visa requirements

You’ll need to show originals or copies of documents when applying for your residence permit. These can include:

  • Valid passport
  • Color passport photo
  • Color copies of the passport’s personal data page and any passport pages that contain notes
  • A certificate of acceptance from a Finnish educational institution
  • Details of tuition fee payments or any scholarships
  • Proof of funds to support yourself
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Previous qualifications
Working with a Finnish student residence permit

International students with a residence permit in Finland are allowed to work as many hours as they wish if the job is related to the program they are studying. In general, as an international student you can work up to 25 hours a week during term time, and full time during holidays.

What to do if you are rejected for a Finland residence permit

It’s never nice to receive a visa refusal letter, but it doesn’t have to spell the end of your study abroad plans.

Residence permit applications are usually rejected because students fail to provide evidence of sufficient financial resources. If you’re unsure about how to illustrate your funds, contact your nearest Consulate or Embassy to ask for details.

If you receive a negative decision you will also be informed of how to appeal. You’ll find instructions enclosed within the rejection letter.

Once your appeal is submitted, the Administrative Court will either reject it or return your case to the Finnish Immigration Service for reprocessing.

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