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There are so many reasons for you to apply for student visa Italy to study in Italy. As, Italy is acknowledged for its massive contributions to the world of art, food, architecture, fashion, opera, literature, cinema and design. This country has a lot to offer and if you plan to visit this country soon, Then you must consultant as soon as possible. There are many centers in Lahore for you to consultant regarding student visa Italy, and study in Italy with scholarship.But Dmi Study Abroad is best consultant for study in Italy While, Italy, a country in central-southern Europe, lodges a headland that enters the Mediterranean Sea. Italy comprises some of the most varied and picturesque landscapes on Earth and is often described as a boot-shaped country.

Furthermore, as its wide top are the Alps, which are among the steepest mountains in the world. The highest points in Italy are along Monte Rosa, which peaks in Switzerland, and along Mont Blanc, which peaks in France. The western Alps give a landscape of alpine lakes and valleys carved into glaciers that extend to the Po River and Piedmont. Tuscany, south of the cisalpine region, is perhaps the best-known region in the country. From the central Alps, traveling throughout the country, radiates the high mountain range of the Apennines, which widens near Rome to cover almost the entire width of the Italian peninsula. To the south of Rome, the Apennines narrow and are flanked by two broad coastal plains, one facing the Tyrrhenian Sea and the other to the Adriatic Sea. Much of the lower Apennine chain is close to wild nature, and it hosts a wide range of species that are rarely seen in other parts of Western Europe, such as wild boars, wolves, poplars and bears. The southern Apennines are also tectonically unstable, with several active volcanoes, including Vesuvius, which occasionally throws ashes and steam into the air over Naples and its island-planted bay. At the bottom of the country, in the Mediterranean Sea, are the islands of Sicily and Sardinia. The total population of Italy is around 60.48 million. Italy is an established popular study destination, with more than 90,000 international students currently residing there. The official language spoken in Italy, however, is Italian. This language is spoken by around 85 million people worldwide and assists as the working language of the Council of Europe. Rome which is the capital of Italy. Rome is the most compactly populated city in Italy, home to 2.8 million people. Milan is also very populated, being the favorite city of many students who are studying on student visa Italy, or study in Italy with scholarship, while most of them are in government universities in Italy.


Before applying for student visa Italy, you can find few centers for Italy student visa DMI consultant in LahoreHere’s brief history of Italy, for you to get know more about Italy. In countless ways, the history of Italy is the times past of the modern world. Many crucial moments in our collective past took place in Italy that can be considered the historical keystone of Europe.  In 500 BC, a number of peoples of different ethnicity and origin shared Italy. Small Greek groups dotted the southern coast and the island of Sicily. Galli, ancestors of today’s modern French, roamed the mountainous north. While the Etruscans, a group originally from somewhere in western Turkey, settled in central Italy, establishing a certain number of city-states, including what is today modern Bologna. Little is known of the Etruscans if not that they prospered for a while, creating a civilization that would have handed down the passion for bold architecture (stone arches, paved streets, aqueducts, sewers) to his successor, Rome.

Furthermore, Afterward the Second World War, Italy eliminated the monarchy and declared itself a republic. With the sturdy support of the United States, Italy has rebuilt its economy through loans from the Marshall Plan, joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and becoming a strong supporter of what is now the European Union. Today, Italy is one of the most affluent and democratic nations in Europe. People from all over the world come to Italy, as a tourist or international student who study in Italy.


Italy is a peninsula in southern Europe. It has around 61 million inhabitants, 96% of which are Italian. The remaining 4% of residents include North Africans, Italian-Albanians, Albanians, Germans, Austrians and other European groups. Italian culture is commonly associated with art, music and food. It is the home of the Roman Empire, the Roman Catholic Church and the main center of the Renaissance, which flourished for centuries in Europe. Art can be seen in every corner of Italy, not only in the museums of Florence, Venice and Rome, but also in churches and public buildings. The most famous work of art is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican, which was painted by Michelangelo between 1508 and 1512. Italy also produced other great artists such as Leon Battista Alberti and Leonardo da Vinci. When it comes to music, Italy is famous for its works. Many of the greatest musicians and composers in the world such as Giuseppe Verdi, Ruggero Leoncavallo and Luciano Pavarotti are Italians. Italian literature includes great works such as Dante’s Divine Comida, which was written in the 13th century, and the writings of Pietro Bembo, Nicolò Machiavelli and Ludovico Ariosto in the 16th century. Machiavelli’s Prince is considered the first political science work. If you are going study in Italy on Student visa Italy with scholarship, you will not get bore. As, they have plenty places to visit, museum and tourist attraction.


Italy is famous for their world-class pizzas and pasta. As, Italian cuisine is very famous and admired all over the world. Who hasn’t fallen in love with pizza or pasta? For Italians, food is an art, which they master very well and their meetings focus on food. In essential Italy, spaghetti and pizza are popular. However, in the north, the most common dishes are fish, potatoes, rice, sausage, pork, pasta, polenta and risotto. To the south, tomatoes are a staple food, served fresh or cooked in sauce with capers, peppers, olives and olive oil, garlic, artichokes, auberges and ricotta. Food is a means of maintaining bonds between family and friends and there is a special meal for every occasion.

If you are worried about the food if you are applying on student visa Italy to study in Italy with scholarship. You don’t have to worry about the food. Because the food is world class and full flavors. You can get cheap food too if you are saving money for you study purpose. As, an international student who study in Italy on student visa Italy on scholarship, you can get any type of food here and it’s not that expensive.


While, living cost in Italy is according to the place you decide to stay as an international student. While, applying you can discuss this with matter when you will apply for student visa Italy, with Italy student visa consultant in Lahore. Also, it depends on the place and university you are applying. Furthermore, the cost of living in Italy as a student, you’ll also ponder about renting, which will around 400-700 a month, depending on how big the room is, if you want an entire apartment for yourself, or if you want to share. Surely, think about it in your average living cost for students in the Italian budget. Also, if you are applying on study in Italy with scholarships, or in some Government universities in Italy on student visa Italy the total cost of lodging in Italy varies from 200 to 300 euros per month. Students who are left alone pay about 266 euros a month, those who live in student housing pay up to 257 euros a month and those who live with a spouse or child spend less, or 133 euros a month. Universities in Italy also have a housing department or an office that manages accommodation for students. These departments help students find a suitable apartment with better discounts.


While, you consultant for your Italy student visa consultant in Lahore, let us tell you that, Italy is a delightful place to continue higher education. It does not involve high costs like other countries and has some of the famous attractions with history and culture at an affordable price. Italy offers high quality education and many international students choose to study in Italy on student visa Italy. It is one of the most developed and industrialized countries. Not to mention the high standards of living and all the basic comforts and services.

EDISU Piemonte Scholarships Student visa Italy

study in Italy including non-EU global understudies took a crack at a full-time Bachelor’s qualification, Master’s certificate, Single Cycle Master’s certificate, or PhD Degree courses at one of the Universities of Piedmont (for example The Politecnico of Torino, the University of Torino, the University of Eastern Piedmont) can apply for EDISU grants in the event that they meet the legitimacy and financial necessities of the challenge. Low maintenance understudies can apply whenever joined up with a four year college education. The grant sum changes relying upon numerous conditions. Convenience administration can likewise be conceded to non-inhabitant understudies.

Bologna University Study Grants for International Students

The University of Bologna offers study awards to meriting worldwide study in italy Scholarships who wish to enlist for First Cycle (Bachelors), Second Cycle (Masters) or Single Cycle Degree Programs at the University of Bologna. Each investigation give is granted for one scholarly year and sums to a sum of €11,059 and full educational cost expense waivers.

University  of Pavia International Scholarships for Developing Country Students

The University of Pavia (UNIPV), so as to advance global participation with the Developing Countries, offers grants to remarkable Students from creating nations to contemplate a Master’s Degree Program educated in English at the University. Every grant is worth about €8,000.

See likewise CICOPS Scholarships which are focused to scholastics and different scientists from Developing Countries who wish to do look into in a joint effort with an educator at the University of Pavia.

University of Bocconi Merit and International Awards

Bocconi University offers merit-based grants to worldwide understudies taking on any qualified Bachelor’s Program or Master of Science Program at Bocconi. The grant incorporates half to full educational cost waiver worth up to €12,000 every year for Bachelor’s Program and up to €13,000 every year for Master’s of Science Program.

See likewise SDA Bocconi MBA Scholarships

Politecnico de Milano Merit-Based Scholarships for International Students

Consistently, Politecnico di Milano offers various legitimacy based grants to the most gifted universal applicants admitted to a Master of Science program. Understudies getting a grant should pay just a managerial expense of about €200. Grants of €5.000 to €10.000 every year may likewise be granted in addition to the educational cost expense waiver.

Politecnico di Torino International Scholarships

The Politecnico di Torino offers grants to global understudies to go to scholarly projects in specific fields, for example, Engineering and Architecture.

Università Cattolica International Scholarships

The UCSC International Scholarship is a yearly educational cost charge decrease advanced by Università Cattolica so as to cultivate the entrance of global Student to the degree programs. The markdown covers about 30% of the all out expense.

University of Padova Scholarships for All Degree Courses

The University of Padova can deal with territorial assets to fund low-pay students, both Italian and outside, who have a decent scholastic record and seeking after a degree at the University. The grant comprises halfway of cash and mostly of administrations, for example, convenience or dinners at the University flasks.

For 2019/2020, the University of Padova likewise offers the Padova International Excellence Scholarship Program which gives full grants to exceptionally capable planned students wishing to seek after a first-cycle or second-cycle degree instructed in English at Padova.

Scuola Normale Superiore PhD Scholarships

Scuola Normale Superiore is putting forth 78 completely financed PhD grants to both Italian natives and student from outside Italy. All understudies admitted to the PhD program get full budgetary help including educational cost, expenses, and an average cost for basic items grant.

1. Decide on a university to apply to and get your acceptance letter

In case you’re as yet not certain where you need to ponder in Italy, you should choose before you can begin your italy student visa application process. In the wake of being acknowledged at an Italy Universities, you’ll get an acknowledgment letter required for visa application.


Italy Rank 2019 WUR Rank 2019 University City
1  =153 Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa
2  =161 Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa Pisa
3  180 University of Bologna Bologna
=4  201–250 University of Padua Padua
=4  201–250 Vita-Salute San Raffaele University Milan
=6  251–300 Sapienza University of Rome Rome
=6  251–300 University of Trento Trento
=8  301–350 University of Milan Milan
=8  301–350 University of Naples Federico II Naples
=8  301–350 University of Pisa Pisa
=8  301–350 Polytechnic University of Milan Milan
=12  351–400 Free University of Bozen-Bolzano Bolzano
=12  351–400 University of Modena and Reggio Emilia Modena
=12  351–400 University of Perugia Perugia
=12  351–400 University of Salerno Salerno
=12  351–400 University of Siena Siena
=17  401–500 Polytechnic University of Bari Bari
=17  401–500 University of Bari Aldo Moro Bari
=17  401–500 University of Calabria Cosenza
=17  401–500 Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Milan
=17  401–500 University of Ferrara Ferrera
=17  401–500 University of Florence Florence
=17  401–500 University of Genoa Genoa
=17  401–500 Marche Polytechnic University Ancona
=17  401–500 University of Milan-Bicocca Milan
=17  401–500 University of Pavia Pavia
=17  401–500 Polytechnic University of Turin Turin
=17  401–500 University of Rome II – Tor Vergata Rome
=17  401–500 University of Rome III Rome
=17  401–500 University of Trieste Trieste
=17  401–500 University of Turin Turin
 Find out what type of visa you need to study in Italy

Depending on how long you plan to study in Italy and what you will study, you need to apply for one of the following visa types:

  • Short stay visa – type C – if you apply for a language course that lasts u to 90 days
  • Long stay (national) visa – type D, for study purposes – if you apply for any degree course that has at least 20 hours of courses per week (or 80 hours a month).
 When and where to apply for the student visa in Italy

Apply for student visa  Italy at the Italian government office or Embassy in your country.Schedule a visa meet around four to about a month and a half in advance.Apply for study in Italy three months before your entry to Italy. The handling of your application may take up between 1 – 3 weeks

. Tips about my study in Italy application

If you missed on scheduling for an arrangement in any event a month ahead of time, check with the office for retractions and endeavor to plan the arrangement date earlier.If you are not ready to achieve the department for the visa talk with, you may plan an arrangement at an Honorary Consulate, on the off chance that it is closer your home. Be that as it may, first check with the department in your general vicinity if this choice is available.

. Language requirement Study in Italy!

.In solicitation to get an examination  Study in Italy, there are no specific language requirements. Since this is one of the necessary conditions for certification in an Italian Universities, workplaces don’t consider competitors should demonstrate any affirmation of language ability as well.However, visa officers will be progressively enlivened and will recognize whether you convey in Italian at any rate on a conversational measurement. You can make proper acquaintance there and present yourself by talking in Italian or English

 Documents for a study in Italy
  • Entry visa application form;
  • Recent passport-size photograph;
  • Valid travel document (the expiry date should be three months longer than that of the visa requested);
  • Proof that you have arranged accommodation in Italy (for the whole period of your studies);
  • Prove you have sufficient financial means to support your studies (900 EUR/month);
  • Paid health insurance of 150 EUR for the first year of studies;
  • Copy of the diploma of a previous education;
  • Acceptance letter from an Italian University;
  • Receipt of the visa application fee (60 EUR).
 Conditions to apply for a residence permit
  • Non-EU citizens

If you come from outside the EU, you should apply for your residence permit in Italy within eight days of your arrival at any post office.

The main required documents to submit are:

  • Copy of passport
  • A copy of your health insurance plan.
  • A copy of the statement certifying the studies you will be taking in Italy. The statement is issued by the Italian embassy or consulate along with your national visa for Italy.
  • Four recent passport size photos.
  • EU citizens

EU citizens will be required to apply for a declaration of presence (dichiarazione di presenza) at the police headquarters (Questura) within eight days of arriving in Italy.


While, there about 97 universities in Italy, which are separated into different categories State universities. They are public establishments financed by the state and constitute the majority in Italy. Other universities financed by public funds and financed by the province rather than by the state. Private universities are not funded by the state. High Schools (University High School): these are independent institutions that offer advanced training and research courses specialized in post-graduate studies. You will also find 137 other higher education institutions throughout Italy. These are specialized academies in some areas. They range from art, music and dance schools to research and technical institutions. Furthermore, the greatest courses and programs offered are taught in Italian but the number of English language programs available is increasing. Consequently, it may be possible to find courses taught in English if your Italian language skills are not good enough. You can find ITALY STUDENT VISA DMI CONSULTANT IN LAHORE. You can discuss all your concern and student visa Italy process.  


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